Community Partners

Community Partners

The Internal Medicine Residency at Cayuga Medical Center has a level of medical sophistication not routinely encountered in rural communities. However, it is our strong community partnerships that will offer a uniquely powerful training opportunity. These experiences will empower our residents to lead highly effective teams to deliver coordinated, high quality, cost conscious care and ready them for future challenges and changes in healthcare delivery. Coordinated experiences with our community partners will be delivered through a blend of residency-structured and self-directed rotations and may be scheduled or elective depending on the experience. Read below to learn more about our community partners.

Cornell Center for Health Equity (CCHEq)

The Cornell Center for Health Equity unites the Weill Cornell Medicine College and Cornell University’s Ithaca campuses with the mission of better understanding the root causes and manifestations of persistent health inequity. The Center’s academic-community partnership model opens unique opportunities for residents in a rural training program to participate in exemplary research with local, regional and national implications. Learn more.

Cayuga Medical Associates (CMA)

CMA is a multi-specialty practice. It has over 70 providers seeing patients in 3 counties at over 12 locations. It provides primary care and specialty care in cardiology, critical care/pulmonology, dermatology, ENT, general surgery, hematology, oncology, hospital medicine, infectious disease, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, sleep medicine, rheumatology, sports medicine and travel medicine. Residents will rotate to various CMA clinics during their outpatient subspecialty elective time. Learn more.

Cayuga Health Partners (CHP)

Cayuga Area Plan/Preferred (CAP) is a collaborative partnership between Cayuga Area Physicians’ Alliance (CAPA) and Cayuga Medical Center; encompassing more than 40 primary and specialty care practices. As a clinically integrated network, CAP incorporates evidence-based best practices and innovative data exchange in a way that aligns physician incentives, while driving network enhancements to achieve optimal health outcomes at an affordable cost. Residents will deliver care in the clinically integrated network and work with CAP members to further their mission of delivering high-value, accessible, cost-conscious care.

Tompkins County Mental Health

The mission of the Tompkins County Mental Health Services Department is to meet the needs of the residents of Tompkins County in the areas of mental health, developmental disabilities, and chemical dependency by providing prevention and early detection, comprehensively planned care, treatment, and rehabilitation services. Residents have the opportunity to work with mental health professionals as part of the mental health assessment team. Learn more.

Cayuga Center for Healthy Living (CCHL)

Cayuga Center for Healthy Living is a multidisciplinary program that offers patients programs to help them adopt healthy lifestyle habits in a safe and welcoming environment. Its programs include medically supervised weight management, nutrition counseling, exercise transition program, bariatric surgery support, diabetes education, cardiac rehabilitation, stress management and tobacco cessation. Residents will rotate in these programs in order to learn how to best assist patients in lifestyle change. Learn more.

Cayuga Primary Care – Internal Medicine Resident Clinic

Cayuga Primary Care – Internal Medicine Resident Clinic was designed to bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient settings and serve as an extension of the hospitalist team.  We also aim to capture patients who make contact with the medical system through the emergency department or urgent care and do not have stable follow up.  The clinic serves as a failsafe for patients struggling to access medical care and ultimately deploys patients to Primary Care physicians in the community. Residents will rotate to the Internal Medicine Resident Clinic for a year-long longitudinal experience scheduled during their ambulatory medicine blocks.

Cornell Health at Cornell University

The vast majority of care currently provided at academic medical centers is dedicated to an increasingly elderly patient population, limiting the ability of residents to develop and practice strategies of caring and counseling for a younger patient population. Cornell Health is one of the largest student health centers in the country; operated by Cornell University, this center cares for over twenty-thousand undergraduate and graduate students and offers a wide variety of organized services including primary care, urgent care, trauma/sports medicine and physical therapy, ob/gyn care including STD treatment and contraception counseling, travel medicine, affective disorders and drug and alcohol abuse counseling, sexual orientation and transgender support groups. Residents may elect to rotate to Cornell Health and will be scheduled during their ambulatory medicine blocks. Learn more.

Foodnet Meals on Wheels

Foodnet Meals on Wheels’ mission is to provide meals and other nutrition services that promote dignity, well-being and independence for older adults and other persons in need in Tompkins County. Foodnet works with a Registered Dietician to provide meal planning, nutrition assessment, counseling and education. They are the only local agency that delivers hot meals. Residents will engage with this partner during their geriatric rotation. Learn more.

The REACH Project

The REACH Project Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the belief that all individuals deserve respectful, equitable, access to compassionate healthcare in a setting where they will not be stigmatized or judged based on drug use, homelessness, or any other issue that may cause less than adequate care in today’s healthcare environment. The REACH Project owns and operates the first low threshold, harm reduction medical practice in Ithaca, NY: Reach Medical. Reach Medical offers a wide range of services including: opioid replacement therapy, medical cannabis certification, Hep C treatment, primary care and behavioral services, in a stigma-free, inclusive setting. Residents may train at REACH as one of their longitudinal electives scheduled during their ambulatory medicine blocks.

Cayuga Nursing and Rehabilitation

Cayuga Nursing and Rehabilitation is a 160-bed skilled nursing and rehabilitation center located in Ithaca, New York. Their organization offers short and long-term rehabilitation as well as dedicated Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care on locked unit. Many patients discharged from inpatient stays at Cayuga Medical Center continue their recovery at Cayuga Nursing and Rehabilitation. Residents will rotate to the rehabilitation facility on several assignments including a geriatrics rotation and the novel tracer/transitions of care rotation. Learn more.


Hospicare of Ithaca offers a form of palliative care that focusses on providing compassionate, individualized care by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families. During their geriatric medicine rotation, residents will have the chance to work with Hospicare where they will be introduced to working in interdisciplinary health care teams and be able to gain a deeper understanding of the role of hospice and palliative medicine in the care of patients with chronic and advanced illnesses. Learn more.

Ithaca Free Clinic

The Ithaca Free Clinic was created under the Ithaca Health Alliance with a mission to facilitate access to health care for all, with a focus on the needs of the uninsured and underinsured. They provide 100% free medical and holistic services and promote greater health literacy, prevention and self-care through events and resources. This site may be where residents choose to complete their community engagement projects or choose to be a part of helping those underserved in the community. Learn more.

Wound Care Clinic

In Tompkins County alone, it is estimated that over 2,500 people are afflicted with chronic wounds. The Cayuga Center for Wound Healing treats chronic wounds and works to prevent reoccurrence by correcting or reducing contributing factors such as infection, circulatory problems, edema and dietary issues. The center is staffed with a unique and dedicated team of specialists that creates a multidisciplinary approach to wound management. This site is available for residents who elect to further their knowledge into wound care and management.