Dr. William Supplee

Hometown: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Medical School: Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School (Newark, NJ)

Originally from the Lehigh Valley, Dr. Supplee grew up in a community not far from The Finger Lakes, and saw the need for compassionate, evidence-based and patient-centered care in rural areas firsthand.  He went to Rutgers—NJMS for medical school in Newark, New Jersey, where he learned to provide compassionate care in resource-constrained environments.  He then completed an internship at Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, California, in order to learn how to integrate the latest techniques and evidence into his practice.  He now comes to Ithaca for residency in order to build on his prior training where he can serve a similar community to the one in which he grew up.  He is an advocate for high value, evidence-based and patient-centered care.